It was  December 2012 when I started RUNNING.

It was not easy for me in the beginning for I had to adjust myself with so many things. It has been a crucial period of time for me to engage myself with such activity. As I embarked into another phase of my life, which I considered it as life-changing experience, I experienced a lot of hardships. It was my initiative and willingness to be a healthy and aesthetic individual that puts me into running.

I never thought that I would love this sport. I was just 18 years old when I begun running.

I have found meaning in my life when I started to run, short or longer distances. I started to love even more myself in the little ways I could. I realized that having a good health can give such positive outlook in life. Unlike before, I just ate unhealthy foods a lot. I was like imprisoned in the fast-food chains and ate my favorite burger and french fries without considering the fact that those snacks were putting me nearly to a death toll.

Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived. I am just so grateful to myself that I find this not just a sport, but a passion. It is more than just a physical exercise. Even though I’m just a beginner, I learned not to run with your legs, but run with your heart. Giving up is not an option here. You just have to go on even if it hurts already. Running requires you to be focused with heartfelt intensity. You don’t mind whether you are left behind the track, as long as you continue your phase and finish your race, that’s already a rewarding and fulfilling experience. You just have to always believe in yourself that you can do it, that running is a labor of love.

I don’t run for money or recognition, I do it out of passion. The feeling every time I cross the finish line is really priceless. It is really worth the pain and sacrifice. I still remember when I did my first run, 10K, it took me more than an hour before I crossed the finish line. It seemed like I run a very very very long distance. I almost  gave up. My heart were nearly to shut off. I felt like I was going to die. But when I saw some oldies who were running longer distances, it boosted me to go on further. It really motivated me to finish the race. The smile painted on runners’ faces, the cheer ‘kaya pa? kaya mo yan’, the fat ones who ran in their best, those were little things that gave a huge impact on me. To my surprise, I ended up RANK 70 out of 916 runners under 10K category. I was just so surprised and startled as well!



It was really rewarding, right?

Quezon City International Marathon has always a space in my heart because this where I started and ran my first 10K race. Looking forward for QCIM 2013 Full Marathon! GOAL! =))

Run Kuyang Run was my second run. This time, I decided to elevate into 16K race. I was unprepared for this running event. But that didn’t stop me in achieving a certain goal. I landed on TOP 5.

I thought I was on the TOP 3. Too bad, I expected too much. LOL

I thought I was on the TOP 3. Too bad, I expected too much. LOL



Enviro Run 2013 was my third run and first run for the year 2013. A running event that aims to promote environmental awareness for the protection of our bays and rivers. Again, I ran under 16K category. All in all, we were 536 runners. And here was the result:

RANK 30; without training and preparation.

RANK 30; without training and preparation.

It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.



This is not a perfect article. Feedbacks are well-appreciated. Jot it down!

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