INNUENDO (Don’t You Know Me?!)

Politics is really a loaded word (meaning, it comes with a preconception that is neither always flattering nor positive).

It is a game where the rich and the powerful, usually those in high elective office that’s being maintained through political dynasties and the age-old practice of patronage, take up as their cause the public’s interest and use to their advantage and purposes the general values of the community for what is regarded as morally good and true, in order to make and maintain an appearance of being one with the people but in reality align themselves with the general welfare of the public in order to perpetuate themselves in power. Politics hence is a power play. It is the practice of politicians who are concerned more about the selfish benefits of staying in power while purporting and claiming to take up the cause of the general public which has in trust and faith elected them to government positions.


What happened recently in an exclusive subdivision wherein Mayor JunJun Binay ordered the arrest of three secuirty guards who refused to allow his convoy to pass through a restricted gate was clearly a power play. It is really digusting how JunJun Binay thought that he was above everything. And it is really even more disguting at how the “independent” PNP acted as “bata-bata”. (Kailangan talaga, may duruan, tutukan ng baril, etc. ???)


The distortion we clearly see here is the crookedness and twistedness of VP Binay’s reasoning in siding with his son instead of siding with what is right. He should have known a long time ago that courtesy, as well as respect, is earned, not demanded.

‘Father of the city’ and yet Gung Gung cannot even abide by a simple village rule. How long does it take to take another exit 150 meters away? Your in a car, you have a driver, your gas and everything provided by us taxpayers, yet you chose to get on with your power tripping because you are the mayor, ‘the father of the city’, and you want to prove you can do anything in your territory. And now you want courtesy? Faces don’t come any thicker than this father and son.

As for Gatchalian, he is the plastic king, you do not expect anything from him except pollutants.


It’s unfortunately a sad part of Filipino culture that we always absolve our children of fault even when they are at fault. The most striking manifestation of this cultural disease is when a child bangs his knees on furniture and the parent, instead of scolding the child, spanks the furniture instead!


i-TULFO na yan!

PNP officials sing in harmony…
“….ako’y tao lang na nadadarang at natutukso rin…”

(eh halata namang pinagtakpan niyo ang mga Binay na yan, mga putang ina kayo!)


This is not a perfect article. Feedbacks are well-appreciated. Jot it down!

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