Dear Goldfish,

I have been jogging for more than 2 years now to keep myself fit. In fact, I regularly join running events usually called fun runs as part of my drive to be healthy and to avoid annoying fat build-up on my body. This has quite grown into an obsession to remain lean and along the way has turned into a fear of becoming fat. I know for instance that 30 minutes of jogging burns 300 calories and inversely I thought that idling stores up the same number of calories within the same time. Well, of course, that’s a crazy thought. So over the weekend, just like any on any other weekend of the past 2 years of my life, once again I made a couple of lapses or jogging rounds.

I can now make 20 lapses around street corners where I reside or 10 lapses around the academic oval since my first three when I started. That means my endurance and strength have improved quite well over time but it doesn’t mean however that my drive for jogging has intensified as well. Recently my resolve to carry on with the routine has been steadily dwindling. That is scary because similar to what I have already said, becoming fat will never happen to me.

It occurred that my jogging routine has become a long drawn out monotony. Its boredom is a cruel punishment for my vanity, but if I resolve that being lean is instead a worthy health option, then I am not about to give it up.

It helps a great deal that our professor in English 10 has brought to our attention that you, Goldfish, are capable of a 2/3 hours worth of memory one at a time. That means that you see the water that envelopes you and everything in it within your corners of the aquarium as wholly new experience every 2 or 3 hours. How truly amazing that is!

GOLDFISH.[Photo credit:]

GOLDFISH.[Photo credit:]

That should help me with my dwindling resolve for jogging. I realized that it is I who made it a boring exercise. I jammed myself into the routine and neglected to look around, to see it as an opportunity to experience new things.

Hence yesterday while jogging, I began to take notice of some details, some colors, some characters along the course I normally take. I began to see with new eyes and this thrilled me. There was this boy who curiously wore the same shirt as he sat before his basket of banana cue. There was the white dog which was now already sauntering aimlessly without the old man who used to hold the leash on him. There was the slovenly old woman at the waiting shed who had a little boy read the tabloid to her. While jogging, I was experiencing many new things and stories that came within my awareness. It was exhilarating. It was as if I was jogging for the first time and seeing things for the first time.

Jogging offered me a new world. I learned that I can  go on jogging forever if I saw the world from your eyes, Goldfish. I learned that life is short but it is reached with experience. Like jogging, I guess, I will be seeing all of my endeavors in life as if I had two hours or three hours worth of memory.

I can’t wait to make 12 lapses around the academic oval this Saturday!


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