Yes, it is. Life has never been that fair.

Ups, downs. Downs, ups.

May you be enlightened by this.

Christina Noble

Christina Noble

Christina Noble’s story is one of the bravery and resilience story in the face of deprivation and abuse or a scale most would find unimaginable. Her childhood in the Dublin slums barely merits the name. After the early death of her mother , the family is split apart, their alcoholic father unable to care for them. Christina is sexually abuse and later escapes from an orphanage only to become destitute on the streets of Dublin. At 16, she is pulled into a car by four men and raped repeatedly. Later, driven to near insanity by overwork and violent husband, she find her dream the will to fight back. Yet this is no vision of luxury and self-indulgence; instead Christina’s hope lies in a determination to work among ‘bui doi’, the street children of Vietnam.

And  the most extraordinary part of her story begins on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, where destitute children swarm and the rich turn a blind eye. to these needy children ‘Mama Tina’ became and remains to this day, an irrepressible  unorthodox and staunch champion.

Oustspoken, after angry, yet profoundly moving, ‘Bridge Across my Sorrows’ is one of the the most inspirational stories ever told.

I can say that this is an extraordinarily moving story… both heart-rending and inspirational! This is a record of grief and courage that would take a tear from a stone.

I see a human spirit shining dignity, courage and resilience- it is not a surprise when she ultimately turns her life into a magnificent act of love and generosity.

Christina Noble’s story is heartbreaking but finally inspiring because of her own indomitable courage in the face of violence, neglect and abuse. Her spirit blazes across the page in that unforgettable book.

I salute Christina Noble, a valiant creature !



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