I did not see it coming

That these worlds would collide someday

An unusual bond, rare and short

And yet, I felt the tremor over me


Is it not enough

All the pain and sadness

That I vow to never make you feel ever again?

You may not know it, but your eyes give you away

Because all you want is just love


Why don’t we keep trying for the love that was missing?

We both are just hoping

Directions opposing

[Photo credit:]

[Photo credit:]

You’re where I have to be

And as your safest haven

I’ll be the one to rescue you


Where am I heading to?

With bare feet and endless fascination

Are the storms of fate taking me

Leading me to the warmth of your frozen arms?


Why don’t we keep saying the things that need disclosing?

Will we keep on waiting

While the wind keeps on blowing?

Do not take fear on the whispers of your heart, just tell me

Because I will be here, waiting to hear your voice





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