Will Promise Last Forever?

All people say the word promise. But the question is, will it last forever?

Growing up, I’ve made many promises not knowing how important that word was.

Until one day, I realized saying a promise is not just saying that word.. but most especially.. it is our way of saying that.. “I am gonna do it,… forever.”

Honestly,I’m really scared when someone says a promise to me. I don’t want to expect things that will not gonna happen… I don’t wanna believe something that will just hurt me in the end.

I Swear.

I Swear.

So please…..  

Don’t promise me anything.

Don’t promise me that you will be with me every time I need you, because I always need you.,

Don’t promise me that you’ll wait for me because I maybe at the time I come back, you’re no longer there.

And please…..

Don’t promise me you’ll love me forever.

Coz I might be hoping you will and believe that you can prove that there is forever…


in the end, I will just cry and stop believing that promise is real.


This is not a perfect article. Feedbacks are well-appreciated. Jot it down!

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