First Ever Marathon!


So I’ll be welcoming the month of December by joining the 4th Quezon City International Marathon 2012 on Dec. 2, Sunday!

I made a choice to actively participate or actively engage myself with this kind of physical activity, aside from doing such things:  PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT, NO PAIN NO GAIN.

I’m so excited because this will be my first ever marathon and I’ll be running for 10K ( ideal phase for a beginner like me). I’m quite uncertain if I would make it or not, without stopping and walking while at the middle of running. Believing on yourself that you can finish it is one of the keys. As what they said, ‘What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.’

As a beginner, I have done a lot of research about running, what to do before weeks of the marathon, what to eat, what exercises you should do, and the like.

For the last 3 weeks,I’ve been running 5-10 rounds at UP Academic Oval. And it really strengthened my endurance and cardiovascular strength which I’ll be needing it on the day of the marathon. The pain I felt on my thighs, on the lower part of my body has been drastically pushing me to the limits.

I think, I am fully geared and ready on that event.

That would be the first and definitely not the last one because I’ll have my second marathon on Dec. 9, MILO MARATHON, and I’ll increase my running phase, 21K ! So if I were you, while still young, make it now a habit. Challenge yourself. Be physically active and get rid of diseases. It’s your choice!

SINGLET. I will be wearing this on the day of the marathon.


10K Route







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