My CLASS PROPHECY (Batch 2010)


So I was tasked to make a class prophecy for our batch during senior HS.

We were just 13 students in the class. Very small number of graduating class that year.

And the story goes this way:


My wife has just handed me the newspaper, The Boston Herald. What is striking is not the headlines, but the date today- March 27, 2025. It has been 15 years since I graduated from high school.

I already settled here in Boston, Massachusetts about two years ago as a medical practitioner at the Harvard Hospital Boston Surgery Department; and as a part time column writer of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Many things have changed into our lives since our high school graduation last 2010, and I have seen that when I visited the Philippines just two weeks ago, I was invited as a guest speaker for the inauguration and ribbon cutting of the School of Saint LaSalle’s new building, which was designed by Architect JUSTIN FLAVIANO. My dear Alma Mater acquired half of the North Olympus’ clubhouse land area, and erected an 8-storey school building.

I was joined by my former classmate, MAYBELLE SANTOS on my flight to Manila. She looked so glamorous now. She also migrated here in Boston and works as a Physics professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Maybelle was also invited for the inauguration and at the same time to publish her two new books on College Algebra and Quantum Physics, which will be used by thetop universities in Philippines like UP, Ateneo, DLSU and UST.

We took a short flight to New York from Boston and then connected to Manila. Maybelle and I flew on a first class. As the aircraft being taxied to JFK’s runway, we heard a familiar voice on the PA, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board to the Philippine Airlines flight PR-143 to Manila. This is Capt. RAPHAEL TIAMZON…” I wondered if the pilot was our classmate, then  someone tapped me and said, “Sir, we’re about to take off. Please fasten your seatbelt.” I was surprised because the flight attendant who tapped me was a familiar face. And I was right. She was LORRAINE ANGEL QUEJADA who was now working as a Cabin Purser. I have also confirmed from her that our flight’s pilot was our classmate, Raphael. As we chatted during the flight, Lorraine told us that she’s already engaged to Raphael, and planning to have their wedding in six months, in a winter resort in Japan who happens to be owned and managed by JANINE GADDI, This resort of Janine was mostly visited by the prominent persons in the whole world.

We arrived in Manila just right after lunchtime and we were fetched by a limousine courtesy of the business tycoon, MARY PAULINE TAMONDONG. Pauline is the President and CEO of the Merline’s Group of Companies that ventures in retail, manufacturing, real estate, and banking. The company holds 80% of Netopia’s major competitor, Techno Zone. As we have heard, Pauline donated Php150 million for the construction of the school’s new building. 

We were driving along Edsa on our way to Quezon City. Edsa was still the same 15 years ago filled with gigantic billboards. When we reached Guadalupe, an enormous billboard caught my attention. On the huge picture of a gorgeous lady was 2016 Miss Universe, MA. PATRICIA BATANG, modelling for the Remark Medical Group- owned by DR. RODEN REMARK. Roden’s company now leads the Asian market for the cosmetic surgery industry, followed by the Belo Medical Group and the Calayans. In fact, Forbes Magazine named him as one of the richest Filipino of the Decade along with Ayala, Sy, Gokongwei, and Tamondong.

As we headed up north, I noticed that lots of billboard ads have Patricia as the product endorser. Maybelle told me that Patricia became popular in the Philippines after winning the beauty title nine years ago. She is one of the ABS-CBN’s major talent and leads star in the teleserye “Rubilita” as Angelica Panganiban’s daughter- a sequel of the 2010 classic “Ruby”. Patricia was married to PBA Bastketball star JOHN ANDREW RAMOS tow years ago, and was blessed with a-year-old boy John Andrew Ramos Jr.

We arrived at North Olympus around 4PM on that day. We could not wait to see the new school building, so we went ahead to sneak a peek. When we entered the school’s gate, we bumped into familiar figure, KATE ANNABELLE TAGUIAM, now one of the best PE teachers of School of Saint LaSalle, and runs a dance studio in SM Mall of Asia. Architect Justin Flaviano was also there at the site to check out his masterpiece. Then when he saw us, he gave us a very warm welcome.

The day of the ribbon cutting came and alumni from different batches arrived little by little at the event. The celebrity couple, Patricia and John Andrew was the most awaited, especially by their fans. But nothing compares the arrival of the business tycoon, Pauline, who took her private helicopter. She was the first one who used the school’s helipad.

Among the VIPs who arrived was the Department of Health’s Secretary, Dr. LESLIE PELLAS. She was tasked to cut the ribbon in behalf of her loving husband, Quezon City Mayor MARK CHRISTOPHER HERERRA, who was in Mindanao for his political campaign. Mayor Herrera is running for Senator after four years of service as city mayor of Quezon City. For sure in few years time, this man is going to reach the stars in his political career. From the City Hall to the Senate, then soon Malacananang. Mark Herrera as the President of the Philippines? Why not?

I only stayed for 5 days in the Philippines since I have many things to do back home in Boston. But that short trip was amazing and astonishing, getting to see some old friends and heard good news about the others. I reminisced and just realized that my Alma Mater was indeed like a huge factory of leaders and great individuals. Moreover, I am proud to be one them.

I have to go for now because my wife is now calling me for breakfast. I will just give you an update maybe for another 10 years.

Good luck to each and everyone and may the prophecy come true.


Let this lovely night inspire you, the love you feel guide you, the smile in your face move you, and the love of God show you the way.

God bless us all! 🙂

HS Remnants. Some of the pictures taken years ago with my batch mates.
“If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile… But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.”


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