No pain. No gain. (Part 1)

I started being so conscious with my health lifestyle when I was a high school stud. By that time, I was already amazed with those sexy bodies, buffy muscles, almost closed to perfection body physique that I usually saw in television, billboards, magazines, and the like. I was so envious and so eager to have that t0o.

But I asked myself first, “Paano?! Kelan?!” (Initial reaction for some, right?)

I really admire those guys having such mala-Spartans body physique.

I greatly wonder and asked myself again, ” Paano kaya nila yun nagagawa? Wala na bang silang ginawa kundi magbody-workout nalang palagi? Eh how ’bout the foods they eat? ”

Wasn’t it that I was too curious? Obviously, yes!

Ako pa  naman yung taong sobrang matanong. I ask a lot of questions. Kaya nga minsan wala ng sumasagot sa mga tanong ko. LOL.

Pero that doesn’t stop me there. If some can’t answer those silly and unimportant questions of mine ( sa tingin nila), I always find ways to know the answer on my own.


Thanks sa Google for it continually suffices all my queries regarding stuffs related to Fitness and Health. Siya baga ang naging kasangga ko every time I am lost on track!

Investing for your body health is not an easy one! Believe me! We all want to be healthy, right? And to be physically fit? Sino naman ang may ayaw. Pero aaminin ko sa inyo, sometimes, it costs too much. What do I mean by that? Well, the foods I eat and the amount I pay at the gym.

Sobra din akong naiinggit sa mga taong nakakapag-gym luxuriously sa Fitness First, Gold’s gym and some known fitness centers.

Walang ibang taong nag-udyok sa akin na pumunta sa gym kundi ang sarili ko.

Here’s my problem again: “Saan ako mag-gygym? Wala namang malapit dito sa amin. Ayaw ko namang mag-gym sa malayo at lumabas pa ng subdivision. Ayaw ko din ng maraming tao (kasi nga nahihiya ako pag ganon,..)”

Many weeks had passed already. And there was this new risen building nearby to our house. At minsan napadaan ako.


I was so deeply happy and excited!

At the top floor of that building, may bagong magbubukas na gym!

“Yes, buti naman. At least, walking distance lang sa amin, (50-60 steps away,..) ! ”

And that was the start of being a gym-addict.

My first day was a good one. Although, nahihiya parin talaga ako kasi may mga nag-gygym na dun na maganda na ang katawan. And I couldn’t help myself but to stare at them while doing the workout routine. Some did the bench press, etc etc. I just observed on how they executed it. But then, the booch in the gym assisted me for few days only. And little by little, natututo naman na ako. And as what I’ve jotted down above, I always seek advice to Google on what to do while at the gym especially to a beginner like me.


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