Are You Strong Enough?

If you keep thinking that you deserve something more than you really should, you’ll end up with nothing. Likewise, when you give more than you should and the other deems it as inadequate, you will also end up with nothing. We all lose.

And yet, we still push forward. We still try as much as we can to reach for the things that we can’t ever have. We hold on to whatever hope we have and yet we crash down like meteors when we finally realize our failure.

Humans are selfish little beings, aren’t they?

But then, there are a few exceptions. There are some who still soar through the skies, looking for hope when everything, as it seemed, has been lost forever. The ones who stay afloat, driven by some unknown force to keep finding that minute shard of hope in the midst of desolation.

What drives them from keeping afloat? What drives them to keep searching for it?

It might be just mere stupidity or a futile attempt to prove something to themselves. Or it could be something else entirely. Something that mere words wouldn’t be able to verbalize its form. Nevertheless, if you believe in something strongly enough, you must be willing to sacrifice everything for it, including your pride, your self-worth, and everything you possibly believed in the past.

The ones who believe in this are either fools or geniuses, victims or heroes, human or inhuman. It’s always one or the other.

I’ve already been the other countless times. But I always seem to give up when I encounter a certain disabling situation.

I was weak.

Now, maybe I already am strong enough. Maybe I already have endured enough mortal pain to be resistant to it. Maybe I already can keep fighting and not let myself lose to the pain. Maybe I already am inhuman.

Nevertheless, I will only give up if you say I should. Until then…

..just be strong

STAY STRONG. Be strong, because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever. [Photo credit:]


6 thoughts on “Are You Strong Enough?

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