When you are blue and alone, when you are down and emotionally bruised, it’s a wise choice to pick a book and read under the tree.

Books are real friends, so they should be few and well chosen. They are always there to mend our broken hearts. They give us the peace of mind and develop our personalities.



Books enable us to experience adventures, to travel underneath the sea without any cost. They let us feel the pain and struggles, the fulfillment and the happiness that the characters experience.

Reading “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho has its own share of inspiring the lives of youngster like me. This book made me realize that it’s only me who can make a difference in my life.

“The Alchemist” amazingly taught me how to deal with the changes around me. Now I’m sharing with you some passages of the book that will inspire you.

1.) When you want to achieve something for yourself, the whole universe and the Soul of the World conspires in your favor.

2.) The only secret of turning any “metal” into “gold” is great perseverance and patience.

3.) God gave you the ability to make wise decisions for yourself, hence your destiny lies on you. Only you can decide for yourself and always keep in mind that omens are everywhere.

4.) Pains and struggles make you a better and wiser person.

5.) To achieve your goals in life, be brave to face every struggle without losing faith.

6.) Choose the people you trust.

Surely this book will bring every youngster to the point of realization that every man must face challenges to become a better person.

Bear this in mind: Destiny is just an excuse of letting things happen instead of making things happen.



3 thoughts on “How a book inspired me………INTROSPECTION WITH “THE ALCHEMIST”

  1. “It’s exactly what you have alwasys would like to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, understands exactly what their Personal Tale is. At that point in their lives, every little thing is clear and also everything is possible. They are not terrified to dream, and to wish for everything they wish to see occur to them in their lives. eir Personal Tale.”.

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