FOR YOU ( a note to God )


(A Note To God)


Overflowing gratitude

Undoubted love and care

The inspiration you give

And all the unwavering support

For you I’ll keep it my treasure



Endless smile

Positive outlook in life

With all the encouragement

Of all the patience endured

For you I’ll keep it my treasure



The one and only

My crying shoulder

Who wipes away my tears

From beginning to the end

For you I’ll live life



Incomparable indeed

An enlightenment given

Sun that shines upon me

Timeless sacrifice and forgiveness

For You I’ll live live



A hopeful tomorrow

Inevitable surprises

It brings happiness and joy

Truly priceless and unending

For you I’ll be there



In times of solitude and agony

The pain and lost

To the hardest thing encountered

Hold my hands

For you I’ll be there


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History of this poem:

Yesterday, while I was alone inside the AVR and waiting for my other classmates to arrive, I suddenly picked my small journal notebook and pen and I had just this feeling of excitement and happiness. I thought of making a poem for God. If I’m not mistaken, I just did it for only 25 minutes. Hope you guys like it! :)) It’s just simple yet very meaningful. God bless us.





One thought on “FOR YOU ( a note to God )

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