Well, I stand outside this smoky bar, drinking rain so slow. And the lights are flickering red and green but I crave the colder black. And the night has swallowed me up, washed me down its hole.

All I want is to be free from the mind which troubles me.

The Man. [Photo credit:]

My only friend is the street below my feet and hands. If I break or even bend, Oh! I’d sacrifice who I’ve ever been. Am I still the same? ALL THE BLAME ALWAYS FALLS ON ME!!! Oh! I am incomplete, I am incomplete.

So I move around. All the puddles splash all over my feet. My emotions have no bounds and I weep to keep from drowning down. I’m so tired of living this way I do. Something’s got to give, I long to live!

But who said I was falling?!!! No it ain’t, it ain’t, it ain’t my fall! It ain’t, ain’t, it ain’t mine……..


One thought on “incomplete

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