A Lesson From A Tree

[Photo credit: google.com.ph]

I was walking along a path one day when I saw a dying tree. I stopped and


looked at the tree for quite some time. The sun begun displaying its variety of


blazing colors from yellow to orange to red to fuchsia to purple and finally to a


deep blue, but still I stood looking at the dying tree, pondering. Only when the


tiny stars started winking at me did I start my trudge homeward.


During the time that I was looking at the tree, I pondered on life and death. I


realized that everything in this world, even I, was mortal. I was reminded that


my time might just be a clock’s tick away or it could also be scores away.


I also reflected on why such a thought would occur to me on an afternoon when


everything seemed to be going well. I thought that maybe God was trying to


convey a message to me through the tree. Was it because my time was near?


No, I rejected that thought. Perhaps it was just to prod me to start doing


something constructive with my life. Yes, that was it.


“It is good to be reminded of our mortality once in a while,” I thought to


myself. “That way, we may make efforts to achieve things, to reach our goals, to


make our dreams come true. Without these reminders, we may dilly-dally our


way and it might be too late before we realize that we have wasted a whole life time.”


Let us pause to look at our surroundings once in a while. It might be trying to


tell us something which we are often too busy to listen to.


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