Soaring High With Kites

Whenever problems trouble my mind, I would look up the sky to at least lessen the burden I’m faced with. I always wonder how it feels like to be there. If I am there, will I be able to see God’s face and talk to Him to tell my sorrows? How I wish that would happen. Reality is, I would only be stuck unto my imagination for I don’t have a big amount of money to ride on an airplane, air balloon or parachute and be on the sky even just for a while.

One time, when I was faced with a broken heart and my eyes were set at the sky, I saw an object which was moved by the month’s breeze. Hey!! It’s November and I almost forgot that it’s already the season of kites. I was reminded of my childhood friend’s favorite toy. I would tease him and would try to lose his concentration while he was making and playing his kites. That was my childhood friend’s love when he was still younger.

I would have the interest to have a peep of what my friend was doing. As I observed, he would need a newspaper, or pieces of midrib broom, glue or paste and thread. It was fun watching him. And when he was done with it, he would run to the field as fast as he could. When everything was set, he would begun playing.

Playing with a kite.

Like my childhood friend, having and watching kite fly on the sky, I feel so delighted. Compared to other sports or hobbies, it doesn’t require much amount. It only takes recycled material or inexpensive things. To prepare, you should have a lightweight frame that is covered with paper, cloth or plastic provided with a balancing tail at the end of a loop cord on a stick. You don’t need to be worried where you can play it. There, you can fly high your kite, but you need enough concentration.

Now I envy the kites. How I wish to be like them- to fly freely and be able not to hear and see unpleasant things here on the ground. Simple as they seem but at least, they are capable to be where I’ve always wanted to be at.


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