“If there were no God, there would be no Atheists.”—GK Chesterton

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The danger of having an intelligent and late night conversation is that it gets me thinking. All the questions, all the little doubting devils of inquiry refuse to sleep. The noise they make in the eaves of my mind won’t let me keep me peace through midnight.

I have been infested with existential vermins, ergo, I must purge myself.

—Why do I believe in God? Is it worth it?

—Is it important?

—Is there evidence worth considering?

—What if I’m wrong about my belief?

—Am I just afraid and therefore without the guts to test if the belief is true?

—So what if I don’t believe?

—Why are there so many versions of God?

—Do I have to get it right?

—Can I just believe as an individual and not belong to any organized religion?

—If God exists, why is He/She/It too quiet?

—Why does evil exist if there is a good God who oversees the universe?

—Is God not in charge? Who is in charge?

—Why do bad things happen to good people?

—Why do good things happen to bad people? Why do they prosper?

—Why do we have to suffer so many things: calamities, cancer, pain, AIDS, prejudices, crimes, injustice, violence and host of other things we have to endure?

—Are we being punished?

— Why bother asking these questions?

—Will there be answers? Is there comfort in asking the questions?



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