The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.—Buddha

I’m not fatalistic…I usually look into the brighter side of everything but there will always come a time that in some way, these morbid thoughts would creep in…like, What im working for? My money goes to those things that I adorn my body with…which in time shall rot and turn into dust.that these things would just be anything but mementos of a being who once hedonistically purchased them.

That all of these things that we must endure are part of nothingness…that we would just be a speck of nothing when grim reaper comes and knocks in…Its a scary thought..and I am often haunted by that…That everything that we have worked on for…will be for nothing.. this is where “nothing lasts forever” comes into view.I usually block these thoughts by thinking that there would always be a brighter side but there are times that this technique doesnt work.That I ,for the life of me gets swallowed in these morbid thoughts….

Prayer usually helps to strengthen your faith that everything would turn out just fine..but there would always be that tiny voice in me…asking why? Why do we have to die? Where would we go…would there really be a safe place afterlife?…

I know that these questions are trivial but when you try to atleast think about it…this is where we all grasp for something tangible…a solid answer….to hold on to..and to reassure that we will just be fine …Such is the frailty of human existence.



  1. i am quite at peace with death 🙂
    i dont think there is anything at all after death, its full stop, permanent peace or permanent loss in whatever way we take it, we wont be regretting our own death once we are dead.

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