12:00 Midnight…

Walk Through The Door And Lock It Behind

You Nobody But Me & You Nobody To Witness… 

As I Touched You With My Naked Hands

My Mind Was Filled With Fantasies

(Which Ended Up Becoming A Reality For Me)

I Admired Your Body As A Work Of Art (I Just Couldn’t Get Enough)……

So Much I Wanted To Say About Our Love

But Its Way To Difficult

So Ima Show You Instead On Days

Like This I Love To See Yourself Undressed 

Pure Beauty Expressed…..

Baby Ima Touch You From Head To Toe

Any Minute Now Ima Explode,

Till It Overflows Here’s What Ima Do….

First: Blindfold You And Sit You Down 

Second:Set The Camera And Lock It Into Place

Third:Press Record And Let Us Begin Our Fantasy Ride……

HOT LIPS. “Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.” ― Gabriel García Márquez [Photo credit:]

Imma Touch Your Body 

Put You On The Floor

Wrestle You Around

And Play With U Some More

Throw You On The Bed

Make You Feel Like You Never Did By The Time

I’m Complete Your Gonna Be So Tired And


 Your Gonna Wake Up With The Biggest Confusion Ever 

Erotica Has Done It Again….


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