THE SPECIMEN from the book ‘THE REAL ER’ Dr. Mark Brown

Real Story from ER. [Photo credit:]

A newly Mexican immigrant, knowing not a word of English, arrived in the ER indicating pain in his abdomen. He was handsome and macho young man, with a tight T-shirt to show off his well-muscled body. We tried to develop the young man’s story through pointing and gestures. A physical exam showed some low abdominal tenderness. I wanted some lab tests. I pointed to his forearm for a blood test that I would order, and I pointed to his groin for a urine test. I handed him a small plastic bottle and led him to the toilet to produce a urine specimen. After ten minutes, he still had not emerged form the bathroom. One of the nurses needed the bathroom so she knocked on the door. After some rustling, the young man appeared, flushed and sweating, but beaming proudly. Ha handed the nurse his specimen container. It was filled with semen.

Fair Oaks, California


2 thoughts on “THE SPECIMEN from the book ‘THE REAL ER’ Dr. Mark Brown

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading this article today about leaders. I also agree leaders should be responsible, someone who can lead the way in a most productive, intelligent and with much wisdom to all. A leader should have been able to overcome some rough paths along the way in life and pick him or herself up and still carry on, be strong. These types of leaders are the ones who inspire me the most. ,but especially those who put God 1st. Knowing that withGod All Things Are Possible. This is a well-written article, Thanks for the write.

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