Travel in silence as the far-off stars dance.

Shining Stars.  [Photo credit:]

“Vibrations you present startles my understanding. A challenge to my ordinary.”

A line from the song “Wish” by Olivia Lufkin, one of my favorite artists/musicians. Describes in eerie accuracy what I have been feeling since a few days ago.


Deep-set, with dark circles underneath.

Sallow, sparse, altitudinous, and formidable.

I should be scared. I should be terrified.

And yet, there is something that is so strangely appealing about the proverbial nocturne. Maybe a bit too early to say, otherwise. Should I wait for the night to fall so I would have the validity to say such things?

Alas, the mystery.

Its elusiveness.

Its subtle, un-implied, and unintentional seduction.

How is it unintentional, you ask? Because it is not directed towards me. But still, I find this special curiosity to be unusually inviting.

Now, I wonder if the nocturne intends it to be. Will it be willing to invite me in? Willing to cloak me under the shadow of its yet-to-be discovered depth?

If it is to be, then so be it. I am more than willing to discover what lies beneath the shadows. I shall search with sensitivity, following the traces in the dark.


” Voyagez dans le silence comme les étoiles éloignées dansent.

Vous me trouverez où la tranquillité est.

Écoutez étroitement.”


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