Time Goes Very Slow In My Life And As I Continued My Search For Love? They Told Me That Love Takes Time But In The End What Is Love? Its Just This Four Lettered Word Which Combines To Create This Powerful Feeling Towards The Significant Other Love Has So Many Interpretations Followed By Humans. In This Life Many Have Their Own Ways Of Explaining The True Meaning Of Love So I Always Kinda Believed That There Wasn’t Such A Thing Called Love. Its Just A Feeling That Placed In Front Of The Actual Reason That Behind It Everyone Says That They Want To Be in Love And Have There Life Filled With The One They Care About But Then Again They Begin To Have Doubts About What They Just Did The One Thing That People Just Can’t Seem To Understand About Love Is The Big Twist. It Eventually Has Attached To It .

I Can Tell You For Sure That Its Not All Unicorns And Rainbows. Love Is So Dark And Mysterious And You Never Know What To Expect. Tell Me You Love Me And I’ll Give You My Heart Or It Can Feel Like Rape And They’ll Rip It Apart Take What You Feel And use it Against Me Blackmail Me And I’ll Give You What You Want Not Knowing What To Expect Would Always Be The Hardest Part Of Love. You Would Ever Come Across Returning The Key You Gave To Me Is Like Telling Me Your So Confused About Love, What Is Love And How Does It Work Like I Said Nobody Knows What Is Love (Per Say) And I Guess Nobody has The True Meaning Of Love But I Do Know That Its Been A Game To Most People And No One has Ever Completed The Game Successfully. Love Is A Word With A Whole Lot Of Meaning Attached To It But In The End What’s The Meaning That Were Striving To Reach. What Path Do We Take To Complete Our Journey ?

The Lies Lies Lies That They will Tell You Just So They Can Take What You Have They’ll Take & Take Until There’s Nothing More To Take Then Abandon You In Such A Dark And Cold Abyss. What Is Love? For Sure Its Not Pain And Darkness But I Can Tell You That Is What You Feel. He/She Tells You He/She Loves You And Leaves You Alone The Next Day Only To Feel That This Is LOVE The Tormented Feeling That I Feel In My Stomach ,Is That Love I Will Never Forget. The Day When You Stabbed My Heart With Such Cold Words. If I Collapse Would You Help? No, You Wouldn’t Care. I’ll Take That To My Grave. I’ll Be Exactly What You Want Me To Be Your Slave Accuse Me Of Your Infuriated Rage. Beat Me With The Bitterness That You Speak. Touch Me With Your Fists I Know For Certain That This Must Be Love Because That Is All That You Gave To Me. You Love To Make Me Broken. You Gift Me Your Token I Prayed To God To Send Me An Angel And So I Got You The Fallen Angel Vanquishes My Dreams,Everything That Ever Made Me Turn A New Leaf And That I Am Fortunate To Seize Such Pain. I See Other Couples Happy & Smiling, They Considered That Love. It Can’t Be Because I Always Learned A Different Love, But If Beaten And Torn Is All I Lived, Then What Is Love?


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