Shut up your mouth and sick-off your voice. [Photo credit: google.com.ph]

We all do crazy shits in our lives, one way or another. We commit mistakes and do things without even realizing the horrible outcome that may arise. I am not a stranger with these kinds of bullshits so who am I to judge people or even mock them for what they do? It’s their own lives’ shit and I don’t have anything against it. It’s just a matter of respecting the personal space of that certain person. If he feels like editing his face, go on. Who the hell am I to care about the crap if his face is photoshopped or whatever. Go on! Do it and just let the low-life people, who don’t do anything but to talk about people, say their pieces. At the end of the day, they’re still strangers who never had the guts to say their pieces to your own face. And at the end of the day, their words won’t matter. Stand proud and tall with all your mistakes on your belt. Let them talk shit about you and laugh about you. What’s important is that you learned from what you did and you promised to yourself that you’ll never do it again… or make a better loop-hole around that shit you’re gonna do. Just kidding. Don’t mind them!

Remember, poor minds talk about people. Great minds talk about ideas.

Now, who’s talking? Oh.. the winner.


This is not a perfect article. Feedbacks are well-appreciated. Jot it down!

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