So, I came to another point in my life where I re-evaluate everything in it and ask myself a few questions with answers that will come sooner than expected.

Question: Why am I here?

Of course, the obvious answer I would get is that “we’re all here to find love and all that other crap people believe in”. Well, sometimes, you have no choice but to convince yourself with the obvious lies. Is that why you’re really here or you’re just covering up your real intentions that aren’t even remotely noble? I see a lot of people here saying that they want to be loved and accepted for who they are and shit like that, but the moment someone does express something that seems to be similar to true love and understanding, they run away in fear of commitment and, well, maybe because the person isn’t really their type. The irony is unsettling and disappointing. Effort and sincerity doesn’t mean shit balls to anyone here who’d prefer a big, hulking, tall guy with an equally big, hulking, long… disco stick. (i’d rather…not. lol)

I’m not entirely innocent when it comes to fooling around and stuff, but I think I’m already at the point of my life where I want to be taken seriously for once.

So, maybe, it’s way about time I abandoned the pretense and just leave for a while to do some thinking.  Being single has its perks (i.e., you don’t have to be tied down to anyone, nor answer to his demands or whatever), but I’ve been alone for waaaay too long. Maybe I’m a bit too young for it, but I think it’s about time someone took me seriously.


3 thoughts on “A STANDSTILL

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I also enjoyed reading your blog and realize it
    is what it is. You are very Creative also. Keep blogging and I love your motto
    also “Do Your Best And God Will Do The Rest” Amen to that! Thank you also for
    the compliment, I try to keep it real, if its that way. it is what it is. ,

    • And so do I. I’m overwhelmed right now knowing that someone is reading my blog. In fact, I had second thoughts before about creating a blog site, I thought that it’s kinda boring esp. if you have no one to talk to or whom you can exchange pail of nuggets.. And I thank you for that coz you let me feel that bloggers in this site are amiable. Keep safe. ^^

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