i am

Be yourself. Don’t pretend. Speak Up.  [Photo credit: google.com.ph]

The answer to who we are, or specifically who I am, cannot be found on the pages of a book, and cannot be defined between the lines. The person I am is fundamentally the person I am to the people who know me best. I cannot be defined by he boundaries put up by the anatomy and medicine, but by the lines I draw for myself around myself. These lines are not limiting; the grow around me as I grow into myself. These lines are multi-colored, spread all around me, leading to different aspects of me, different choices and different opportunities. I am me (of that i am certain): a complex, layered individual, who means so many hings to so many different people.

Despite any assertions I may make about my individuality, I have learned that in this world, no one can survive on his/her own. I am me, that much is certain, but the people around me all view me differently.

To my teachers, I am a student, clay to be molded and formed into an entity hard-cased, armed and ready to enter society. To my classmates, I am just one of them another hand raised in a sea of bright eyes and even brighter ambitions, grasping for something higher, possibly out of my reach. To my friends, I am worth hours on the phone: a confidant, a frequency riding on the same wavelength and a person who feels like home. My family, the most important people in m life, have witnessed ever side of me and loved me all the same.

In my life, there are so many people who have changed me or influenced me somehow. There are people who have inspired me, people who have disappointed me, people who have left my life as easily as they entered it.

I am a student, a declaimer, a friend, a brother. I am all these things to all people involved, but I know that who I am ultimately boils down to how I see myself.

At the crux of it all is me: what I know, what I think, and what I feel!


3 thoughts on “i am

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